Social Media Awareness Presentation

All of the students at ERS will take part in the ‘Social Media Awareness, Digital Footprints, and Cyberbullying’ tomorrow morning. 

The student presentation will cover all things digital, from digital citizenship and how to be a good digital citizen to the criminal consequences of cyberbullying. Some of the most prominent concerns currently surrounding student’s use of social networking sites and smartphones will be discussed.

Topics covered will include: how to practice netiquette (online etiquette), how to recognize and respond to cyberbullying, the criminal and social consequences of cyberbullying behaviour and the possession and distribution of intimate images (sexting), self-peer exploitation, digital media habits and oversharing, digital addiction, piracy and plagiarism.

At this stage in a student’s school career they hopefully should be very familiar with their digital footprint online and how this is a representation of their real and online selves. Everything they post online will be public, permanent, and searchable. This is now more important than ever and we know that university and college admissions staff as well as prospective employers are now researching applicants’ online lives before they even consider a resume or transcript. Social media should be a platform for students to showcase their interests, skills, and accomplishments. Real world examples will be shown of the detrimental effect that social media and online behaviour has had Canadian youth moving forward with their lives.