Week at a Glance

Below is an overview of happenings at ERS this week:

  1. Talk to Mr. Taber if you are interested in playing volleyball this year.
  2. FLEX (for Grade 9-12s) starts on Tuesday. Be to sure sign up for this and next week before lunch on Tuesday.
  3. Tuesday – Jazz Band starts at 8 am & Wednesday – AM Fitness (8 am) and Leadership (lunch time) begin.
  4. Every Wednesday — pizza lunch – $2 for slice of pizza (first come, first serve) – served out of the cafeteria.
  5. Friday – Leadership ‘free’ Breakfast
  6. Get your ERS Clothing Orders into the office by this Friday. We have lots of samples for you to try on.
  7. Please remember to do your permission slips on line (Parent Connect).
  8. If you would like a CAFE card for our cafeteria, you can buy one from Kim in the office. You can pre-load it with any dollar value that you’d like. The only restriction is that the cards cannot be used on pizza day.On the Horizon – Picture Day (September 30th) & Gardom Lake Retreat (September 30th-October 1st — more details to come out next week).