New Quarter Coming Up!

Good afternoon,

As mentioned last week in a message home, we are coming to end of Quarter 1. Below is a recap of some important dates:

Friday, November 13th – End of Quarter 1. Grade 7 and 8 students will be moving into Exploration classes instead of PE and Band. They will continue with the Math/Science/English/Social Studies.

Grade 9-12 students will have 2 new classes starting on Tuesday. Updated schedules will be shared with all students on Friday.

Monday, November 16th – This is our “COURSE COMPLETION’ Day . Here is what this day will look like:

a. During COURSE COMPLETION DAY, Grade 7 and 8s will be in their regular classes with the exception of band. Students can expect to have some form of PE on Monday so please come prepared for some physical activity (they will be taking a break from PE and Band until Quarter 3 in February).

b. During COURSE COMPLETION DAY, Grade 9-12s will be able to get extra support/time in courses that they were not successful in completing. If students are not able to demonstrate the learning outcomes necessary to receive credit for a course by the last day of Term 1 (Friday, November 13), they will be required to attend school on course completion day to receive extra support in an effort to complete the course. Teachers will communicate with both students and parents if a student is required to be at school that day.

If students are not required to be at school but would still like to attend, of course they are welcome to attend their Term 1 classes that day. In this situation, we encourage students to bring something to work on or read for the day. There will not be any instruction of new material or specific activities planned for students who have already completed their
coursework. This day is intended to provide extra support to students who need to complete
the course.

Tuesday, November 17th –first day of Quarter 2. We will be starting with a B/A block order.

Friday, November 20th – Ministry Designated Day to focus on Indigenous Education. Students do not attend school this day.