Communication Week and “Meet Our Teachers”

This week (October 4th – October 8th) is Communication Week. This means that staff will either be emailing, calling or sending documentation home that speaks to student progress to date.

I encourage all parents/guardians to reach out to staff via email or phone call (250-836-2831) if they have any questions regarding the progress of their child(ren).

Here is a list of staff email addresses:

On Tuesday, October 12th we will be hosting a “Meet our Teachers” event in front of the school. This will run from 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm. Parents will be able to meet with our teaching staff in a very informal and casual outdoor setting. We will not be permitting tours of the school at this point so staff, students and parents will have to remain outdoors. Please note that we will need to cancel the event if it looks like we will be getting uncooperative weather.


Mark Marino (Principal)