Graduation Filming – June 3rd (details)

The Graduation Ceremony video filming is on Wednesday, June 3rd.  A scope of the day is below. We are on tight timeline so it is important for Grads to be on time and ready to participate.

12:10: Grads STAND on the SIDEWALK (bus line) and wave as community members drive by to salute their GRADS. Grads – please remain 6 feet apart.

12:30 – Grads will meet at the front of the school for a socially distanced group photo in their dress clothes.
** please wear clothing that will look appropriate under the gown – dress pants with nice, tidy shoes.

12:40 – Grads, in groups of 6, will enter the gym change room to put on their cap and gown; once Grads put on their gowns they will come back outside.

1 pm – a socially distanced Grad photo in ‘cap and gown’

1:15 – Grads line up outside of the gym in alphabetical order; one a time they will enter the gym to be ‘introduced’; after they have been introduced, Grads will then re-enter the line; once all of the Grads have been introduced, they will re-enter the gym again so that they can cross the stage to get their diploma; a photo will be taken of the graduate on the stage and at the ‘photo’ backdrop.

The cap and gown are for the graduates to keep – you may take the gown with you when you leave after the filming.

After you have crossed the stage to receive your diploma, we ask that you please head home to change for street painting.

3:45 pm – a pizza will be provided for each graduate.

4 pm-5 pm – street painting (graduates are responsible to provide their own spray paint)

Please note that the ceremony filming is for graduates only. We simply cannot accommodate additional people at the school while we are arranging the filming.

ERS – Stage 3 (Return to School)

Good afternoon everyone,

You will all be getting an email this afternoon from the School District regarding your thoughts on a return to school.

The email will ask you whether or not you are interested in sending your child(ren) to school after June 1. While we have not formalized a detailed plan as to what support will look like after June 1, the learning supports will be for the home learning that students are currently getting from staff. The survey results will guide our plan.

There will NOT be a daily traditional block (ABCD) rotation. The school will be arranged into Learning Centres where students will be able to access support.

While at school, students must practice social distancing. More details about safety procedures will come next week.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey.


Mark Marino

ERS 2020 Graduation (some details)

Dear ERS Grad Families,

We are excited to let you know that we have a plan in place for recognizing the Grad Class of 2020.  We are working with a professional video production company to create a stunning video for our graduates.

The filming will take place on Wednesday, June 3rd at Eagle River Secondary. The flow of the day will look like this:

*10 am – 12 pm – all speeches (including opening and closing remarks) will be recorded.
*students arrive at 12 pm to the school dressed in their formal wear (valedictorians will need to be at the school by 11 am)
*students will take a socially distanced group photo outside upon arrival….they will be wearing their formal wear.
*starting at 12:30 students will be called into the gym 1-1 to ‘cross’ the stage. There will be no visitors/family accompanying the grads in the gym. Students waiting for their time in the gym will remain outside of the school. Grads will be given a cap and gown (they will be given the cap and gown as a keepsake and to use for family photos at a later date) as they enter the gym. As they cross the stage, their grad resume will be read aloud (this is being taped!).
*starting at 2:30 pm, light snacks will be provided for all grads.
*at 3:30 pm, street painting will begin.  We encourage you to bring a change of clothes so that you are NOT painting in your formal wear.
* The production company will piece together the footage to create a video of the ceremony that will be viewed at the Starlight Drive-In on Tuesday, June 23rd. The audio for the ceremony will be played out of each car’s radio – the Drive In has a dedicated frequency for guests to use (the sound will not work out of radio app…it needs to be a vehicle radio or a portable radio). The ceremony will also be posted online for you and your family members to view at a later date.

Each graduate will be given THREE tickets that will give you access to THREE vehicles at the Drive In to view the ceremony on June 23rd.  Please submit the names/driver information of the THREE vehicles that will be in attendance. Keep in mind that the THREE also includes transportation for the graduate.  The show will start at 9:30 pm (doors open 8:30 pm).  Vehicles will not be permitted into the venue without a ticket.  Please do not wear formal wear to the Drive In, and remember that this is an important achievement for all of our students and their families.

The concession will be open and washrooms are available. Families and students must stay in their allotted space other than using the washroom or one person going to the concession. Strict social distancing rules will be in effect for the protection of our families and the Drive-In staff, and because this is a school event, all school rules about the possession and use of drugs and alcohol are still in place.

Please NOTE the following information for the expectations at the Drive-In.

In support of expectations from the Provincial Health Office, we anticipate that all graduates will go home after the Drive-In. We strongly discourage all gatherings aside from this one at the Drive-In.

We will send out additional information soon about the filming. Please contact the school if you have questions.


Mark Marino
Information from the Starlight Drive-In:

The following are the highlights of our operational changes.

  • Limited Attendance: Capacity has been reduced drastically to accommodate social distancing. Each car will be given 20 feet of parking space. You will need to park, as directed, in the middle of said parking spot and will not be permitted to move once parked. Some of the things that people enjoy the most, open hatches, trucks parked backwards, along with sitting outside will all still be allowed – but please stay within the confines of your 20 foot parking stall.
  • Limited Hours:The gates will only open 1 hour before the first show in order to get everyone parked and situated safely, this also shortens your total time at the drive in.
  • Limited Activities:Some of the activities you enjoyed in the past won’t be possible until social distancing rules are relaxed, for example: ball playing, walking your dog, visiting between vehicles
  • Facilities:Washrooms in the concession will have social distancing measures including limited capacity and additional porta-potties will be on site
  • Concession Changes:Limited products will be available at the start the season which may be expanded depending on the success of our social distancing changes. Guests are asked to send one person from their vehicle to concession to minimize risk.

Please follow directions given by our team at all times, and be kind and patient with one another. We’re all working through this mess together. With a little extra effort, we’ll be able to continue welcoming everyone to movies, as they should be – under the stars!

Graduation Ceremonies and MORE

Good afternoon everyone,

We have been having many conversations about what a recognition for our graduates can look like. It is now time to make a decision so that planning can begin.

It is important that every GRAD complete the survey link that has been sent to their School District email.

It has also been sent to parent emails that we have in our system.  The survey is OPEN until this Monday (May 11th) @ 10 am.

You will be asked about your grad resume (ie. what is being read when your cross the stage), whether you would like to be considered as a valedictorian AND whether you would prefer a virtual ceremony or a ceremony at the drive in theater.

Grads, thank you for your attention to this survey….it is important. We really want your input.

Stay safe.
Mr. Marino