Grad 2021 Student and Parent Meetings

We will be hosting Grad 2021 meetings next week – one for students & one for adults/students.

They will be important meetings so your participation in encouraged:

Student Grad Meeting – Monday, October 19th @ 12:10 pm (lunch time) in the WoodShop. Grads, please bring your lunch with you.

Student/Parent/Guardian Meeting: Wednesday, October 21st @ 5 pm. This meeting will take place in our gym. All attendees will need to sign in at the front door, sanitize, wear a mask and social distance while in the gym. We will be talking out fundraising, a grad trip and graduation ceremonies.

How do I get homework for my child?

Good afternoon everyone,

I would like to clarify our process for getting missed worked for you child if they are absent from school.

As you know the Term 1 ends on November 13th so it is important for students to stay on top of their school work when they are physically able to.

Here are the steps to acquire missed work:
-parent reports student absence to the office (call/email).
-the office will let parents know that students can expect an email (in their SD83 email) or TEAMS message from teachers re: missed work if an absence is more than one day
-students have been trained as to how to log onto their SD83 email and to access TEAMS…here is short explanation of how to access email and TEAMS if parents would like to know the process (
-if a parent needs to drop off work, there will be a drop off bin located at the front doors of the school.
-at any point, parents/guardians are welcome to reach out to teachers directly for missed work/updates on their child(ren) (teacher emails can be found at
-please remember that all visitors/parents must sign in if they enter the school as well as sanitize and wear a mask.

Feel free to contact the school at 250-836-2831 if you have any questions regarding the above process.


Mark Marino

PAC Meeting

We would like to invite parents/guardians of ERS students to our first PAC meeting on Monday, October 5th at 4 pm in our Library. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Communication Week (next week)

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will mark the end of Week 3 of the school year. This means that students are roughly 30% into both of their Quarter 1 classes (new courses will start in mid-November).

As a result of this timeframe, we will be having our Communication Week next week. This means that staff will either be emailing, calling or sending documentation home that speaks to student progress to date.

I encourage all parents/guardians to reach out to staff via email or phone call (250-836-2831) if they have any questions regarding the progress of their child(ren).

Here is a list of staff email addresses:

Have a wonderful evening everyone.


Mark Marino (Principal)