Information for bus students

As planning continues for school re-start on Monday, June 1, School District No. 83 (North-Okanagan-Shuswap) transportation department has important information for any student who will be riding the bus.

Student pick up and drop off times will remain the same for their return to school on June 1st. However, due to lower ridership, parents are requested to please have their children at the bus stop a minimum of five minutes early in the morning.  In addition, some high school students may return home a little earlier in the afternoon because fewer people are riding the bus.  

Parents who have indicted their child will be riding the bus to school will be receiving an email directly from the SD83 Transportation Dept. with finalized information, later today or early Saturday. Please keep an eye out for it.

Drivers please be aware school zones are in effect. For the safety of all, we ask that everyone remember the importance of stopping for a school bus with red lights activated (We Stop – You Stop), please don’t rush the bus, and ensure you not driving distracted around our students or the bus. 

Thank you!

Survey closing, finalizing plans for voluntary classes

The survey to determine who is planning on their child(ren) returning to school on a part-time basis, and whether bus transportation is needed, will be closing at 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 28.

This will give the schools a bit of time to finalize plans before students return to school on Monday, June 1. If you have not yet filled in the survey please do so here:



It would be appreciated if you respond to the survey even if you are not planning on your child returning to class at this time.

After May 28, SD83 asks parents and caregivers to contact their child’s school directly if they change the status of whether their child is attending, or not attending, school. Each week school teams will create weekly class organization structures within the 50% normal classroom limits so this information is critical to planning. Also, after May 28, if your child is a bus student please ensure you also register with transportation (250 832-9415) so that they know who to expect on the bus.

Just a friendly reminder that as of Monday, June 1 our school buses are back on the road, school zones are in effect, and school playgrounds are in use during the school day.

Our staff and students will be following many safety protocols around health checks, handwashing, spacing, equipment use and cleaning. We ask for your support in ensuring your child is not sick if attending school, and in driving safely around our buses and schools. We are also asking the public to not use our schools and playgrounds during school hours as we will be working hard to keep student and staff density low and ensuring safety protocols are followed. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated as we do our best to keep everyone safe. Thank you!

Much organization and thought has gone into preparing our schools including:

  • Surveying all families to see if they intend to send their children to school, and how often.
  • Follow up communication to families that have not completed the survey to ensure all families are contacted regarding their intentions for June.
  • Inform parents which days their children will attend
  • Reduce kindergarten to grade 5 Home Learning support and interactions for May 25-29 to allow teachers and staff to set-up classrooms and prepare to receive students
  • Have Health and Safety Teams at each school review the site-based safety plans
  • Put in place health and safety procedures at each school
  • Have every school staff ‘practice’ the week before return to in-class instruction. This will allow us to identify any improvements we need to make before the return of students.
  • Follow Ministry Guidelines around maximum class sizes (50%) and school densities (50% for K to 5) and (20% for Grade 6 to 12) and strategies to minimize physical contact
  • Organize custodial staff for daytime cleaning supports in each school to accommodate occupancy

Graduation Filming – June 3rd (details)

The Graduation Ceremony video filming is on Wednesday, June 3rd.  A scope of the day is below. We are on tight timeline so it is important for Grads to be on time and ready to participate.

12:10: Grads STAND on the SIDEWALK (bus line) and wave as community members drive by to salute their GRADS. Grads – please remain 6 feet apart.

12:30 – Grads will meet at the front of the school for a socially distanced group photo in their dress clothes.
** please wear clothing that will look appropriate under the gown – dress pants with nice, tidy shoes.

12:40 – Grads, in groups of 6, will enter the gym change room to put on their cap and gown; once Grads put on their gowns they will come back outside.

1 pm – a socially distanced Grad photo in ‘cap and gown’

1:15 – Grads line up outside of the gym in alphabetical order; one a time they will enter the gym to be ‘introduced’; after they have been introduced, Grads will then re-enter the line; once all of the Grads have been introduced, they will re-enter the gym again so that they can cross the stage to get their diploma; a photo will be taken of the graduate on the stage and at the ‘photo’ backdrop.

The cap and gown are for the graduates to keep – you may take the gown with you when you leave after the filming.

After you have crossed the stage to receive your diploma, we ask that you please head home to change for street painting.

3:45 pm – a pizza will be provided for each graduate.

4 pm-5 pm – street painting (graduates are responsible to provide their own spray paint)

Please note that the ceremony filming is for graduates only. We simply cannot accommodate additional people at the school while we are arranging the filming.